Welcome, students

Students are a big part of life here at Harvest Church - even in lockdown!

This is an unprecedented start to your uni life, but a growing faith and plenty of friends are more important that ever. We can't welcome you into our homes and fill you up with delicious home cooked meals as we usually like to do BUT - we'll do you meals on wheels if you're desperate! We're doing a student special every 3 weeks on Monday night so we hope you can log in for it and find some friendly faces to connect with. 

We also welcome students in our city groups - again, digital right now, but this doesn;t detract from each group having a strong focus on fellowship, discipleship and growth, plus sharing stories and experiences and perspectives.

Get in touch with the team to find out more by pinging an email over to hello@iharvest.org.uk or following us on instagram /iharvestchurch