Kids Church

Here is where you can find what's going on in Kids Church. Each week's challenge will be here as well, so you can catch up and join in! Submit challenges to or by whatsapp to your city group leaders (who will pass them on) by 3 pm on Saturday of each week.

[All videos will be deleted after the following Sunday]

  • Challenge 1

    Record yourself saying the first three verses of Psalms 23 in the most unusual place you can imagine! Send in your videos by 12/6/20

  • Challenge 2

    Record yourself doing a household chore in the most extreme way you can think of! Send in your videos by 3 pm on Saturday, 20/6/20

  • Challenge 3

    Build the most epic den or fort and then record yourself reading Psalms 42:1-2 inside of it. Send in your videos by 3 pm Saturday, 27/6/20

  • Challenge 4

    While looking as royal as possible, announce the silliest law you can think of. Send in your videos by Saturday, 4/7/20

  • Challenge 5

    Create the best short dance routine showing someone going from being sad to happy. No words needed! Send in your videos by Saturday 11/7/20

  • Challenge 6

    If you were going to the moon, what 3 things already in your home would you want to bring with you? Record yourself with them explaining why. Send in your videos by Saturday 18/7/20

  • Challenge 7

    Dress in a silly outfit and tell the funniest joke you can. Send in your video by Saturday 25/7/20

  • Challenge 8

    Use a fruit or vegetable in the most unusual way you can imagine. Send in your videos by Saturday 2/8/20.

  • Challenge 9

    Show us your coolest skill or trick. It doesn't matter if it's acrobatic, a magic trick, or on some sort of wheels! Send in your videos by Saturday 8/8/20.

  • Challenge 10

    Write and record yourself saying a poem about wisdom and being wise. Use anything you've learned in kids church! Send in your videos by Saturday 15/8/20.