City groups are the life and soul of what we do! We're a discipleship church, so meeting together regularly is really important to us. It helps us stay connected as a community, share our lives as we follow Jesus together, and support each other in any way we can. We've got city groups for families, professionals, students, and teens.

  • Fridays, 6.00pm, Arthurs Hill

    Lily and Doug Graham make the most of the great location of the Harvest building by getting a great group of teens together from across the city. They meet for a couple of hours on Friday evening and hang out, play games, and then look at an engaging and relevant way to apply the Bible to their lives.

  • Sunday, 1.30pm, Arthurs Hill

    Andy and Alison Bowie meet with their City Group straight after the morning meeting. They meet in the Harvest building and this City Group is accessible by wheelchair.

  • Monday, 7.00pm, Fenham

    Jen and Jared Vidrine meet at their home in Fenham. They host a mix of students and young professionals from the UK and other nations.

  • Tuesday, 6.30pm, Fenham

    Jane and Roxanna host a women's cell in Jane's flat on Ovington Grove. They've got a great mix of students and professionals from all sorts of interesting places.

  • Tuesday, 8.00pm, Fenham

    Andy and Antonia's city group meets in Fenham. They've got a group full of lots of friendly parents and couples who span a variety of professions from medicine to music.  Sometimes the men and women meet separately, so check in with Harvest HQ if you're planning a visit. They do lots of fun family things together too on the weekend.

  • Tuesday, 8.00pm, Fenham & West Denton

    Steve and Caroline Foreman meet separately with men and women from across the city, so check in about where they're meeting. They've got a real heart for family and community, so often run Parenting or other useful and relevant courses as part of their city group. Caroline's cell is also very accessible to Cantonese speakers, as Fung Ying helps other Chinese women with translation.

  • Tuesday, 8.00pm, Fenham

    John and Gill Kamara host a city group in Powburn Gardens with some great people who also go to the Wednesday meeting. Gill also runs our Little Stars toddler and baby group, so you might meet her here as well.

  • Thursdays, 5.30pm, Nuns Moor

    Ben and Charis welcome lots of students, professionals and young families to their city group. They've recently moved house and moved their city group, too. They're a 20 min walk out of the city centre, or one of the early stops on the Number 12 bus. We've got cars about that can collect you too if you need a ride. This city group also serves up and eats their evening meal together at each meeting—so that's dinner sorted then!