There are 4 groups for kids to be involved with at Harvest.

iHarvest Tinies: A crèche for babies and toddlers

iHarvest Minis: Craft, games, toys, stories and snacks for 3-5 year olds

iHarvest Kids: Activities, games, worship, fun and snacks for school years 1-6

iHarvest CREW: Training kids aged 10 and above to serve in creative, tech, worship  and more.

iHarvest Kids

You can register for iHarvest Kids as soon as you arrive at church from 10.15am. Kids are then given a blue wristband which means they can head straight upstairs to their groups once the main worship is ending.

We'll soon be emailing parents with follow up questions and ideas to take home with you.

iHarvest Tinies & Minis

A parent can take their child downstairs to their groups at the end of the main worship session. You can register your child to be looked after while you head back upstairs for the message.

After the message, there's normally time for a cup of coffee and a chat before you need to collect your children from their groups again.